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Technics 1200/1210 Turntable Service and Repair Sydney (VENUES ONLY)

A serviced, cleaned and polished Technics Turntable

Our techs have had over a total of 10 years of experience servicing and repairing Technics turntables. They are very passionate with turntables in general and are meticulous with their methods, based on experiences built up over years and are strict to Technics service manual standards.

Pricing starts at $250 for a service per turntable (VENUES ONLY). $300 for a pair. 


No Service, just a specific repair


  • $140 minimum per unit, includes 1hr to open the unit, diagnose and fix.

  • Additional labour charged at $140/hr

  • Parts are not included and will be charged as necessary


Basic Service


  • $250 minimum labour per unit, includes basic clean & testing/calibration, includes 1.5hrs to service the unit. 

  • Additional labour charged at $140/hr to fix any specific issues

  • Parts are not included and will be charged as necessary

We do not internally ground units due to safety reasons. 

DJ equipment especially 20 year old Technics Turntables are just like cars, the more you look after them (servicing, repairs) the longer they will last, most of the time. Things like dust, fluff, corrosion from drinks or water build up overtime and need to addressed straight away.

Cleaning a dirty pitch fader


If you would like your Technics turntable serviced or repaired please get in contact. We primarily only take on Technics 1200 models primarily used for DJING as an industry grade, if you have another brand or model please advise. Please call us on 1300 BUZZ HIRE or contact us via email.

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