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How is your hearing and why is it important? Take a online hearing test.

Posted by Brendon Mew-sum on

As I listen to music and deal with speaker hire daily I've always wondered what was the current state of my hearing. I feel it's a hot topic and gets overlooked, I'm very passionate for music and sound and when reading up on international DJ Lil Louis permanently losing his hearing in one ear and when a friend explained to me that they he has been diagnosed with Tinnitus, I feel it's something that more people need to be aware of. 

As suggested on the page, it is common for people over 25 to not able to hear anything over 15kHz, if you can't hear anything after 8kHz I would consider seeing a doctor.

TAKE THIS TEST make sure you use desktop speakers, listen for high frequencies, warning it may cause migraines ---------->>>>>>> Click Here - Hearing Test

I have always been careful protecting my ears when going to large events and even smaller gigs. Some tips that I usually use when I'm out are to wear ear plugs, or if I forget to bring them I would usually just get some paper tissue or ask for some standard industrial ear plugs from the bar. Standing back from the sound system also helps and if you don't have any protection, just stick one finger in your ear and give that ear a rest for 30 seconds then repeat on the other ear. 

I personally use these EARrasers from StoreDJ, I find them quite comfortable to wear. They sit under my headphones and they have a small plate to amplify close by sounds, this makes it easier for me to speak to friends while I'm out. You can also opt for custom made ear plugs which are going to costs you more than $300, these type of ear plugs are made for musicians and sound engineers. They costs this much because they are molded to fit into your ear so you'll hardly notice them there, they decrease the dB to a safe level and they act as amplifiers for close range sound.

So whether you're a DJ, iPod listener, sound engineer, punter or a full time mother it is always crucial to take care of your hearing. This is not just for case for hearing loss but for hearing damage and injury.  

With the speakers up high, I'm a 31 year old male and can hear everything up to 17kHz, next to me a 35 year old male could hear everything up 16kHz and next to him a 36 year old female who could hear everything up to 14kHz.

How did you go?

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